Sunday, 21 July 2013

Growing begonias from leaf cuttings

There haven't been many occasions where I spent money on house plants. When I see one I like in the garden centre I go home and look up how I can grow them myself. I see a garden centre more as a place of inspiration and of lucky finds: little pieces of plants that dropped off and that could be used for propagation :)

Lots of my house plants are babies of friend's plants and I have given many of my own plants away. They make a great present for somebody who has just moved.

A few weeks ago I experimented with begonias. I took four leaves with a short stem and put them in some potting soil. I didn't bother doing what the Internet recommended, like using a mixture of sand and potting soil or covering with plastic. Much to my surprise they started growing little plants after a week or four! I potted them on to give them more space to grow.

Now I need to find people to give them to once they've grown, because my window sills easily overflow with all sizes of plant babies...

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