Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dandelions are ready to use

Natures is coming back to life again! Dandelions are growing too and now is the time to harvest their roots. Just dig them up, give them a rinse and a brush. You can dry them now by cutting them into small bits and then allowing them to dry on a piece of paper or cloth and store them in a paper bag when they're completely dry.

I made them into tincture
After cleaning the roots, I cut them into small pieces and put them in a jam jar with vodka. The right one is a jar I made earlier, the left is a new one. You can see the change in colour once the good stuff dissolves into the alcohol. I like to use this tincture in spring as a detoxifier and I take ten drops, three times a day. Don't take the tincture longer than six weeks and stop for some time to see how you're doing without.

Dandelion root makes the bile more fluid and it enhances the secretion of bile two to four times! This supports the liver and helps preventing the formation of gall stones. The bitters work great in your digestive system: more saliva, more gastric and pancreas juices, hence a better digestion!

Dandelion is called pisse-en-lit in French, because it increases the flow of urine. And at the same time it strengthens the urinary system. Most diuretic drugs cause a loss of potassium, but dandelion is naturally high in potassium and as such a very balanced and complete remedy. The leaf actually works best on the urinary system, so you can add some of it to your tincture.

Spring is a good time to detoxify and dandelion is a great help: as a tincture, an infusion or eating the young leaves in a salad.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Jam making: forty jars!

Just a peek into 'my' kitchen in the Findhorn Foundation: last week we made jam! We had quite a few gooseberries in the freezer and our fruit and veg supplier gave us a big box of bananas, peels blackened by the cold but still very nice inside. I had been hoarding jars for the last few months and now we filled them with a gooseberry - banana - ginger jam. The combination is delicious and the house will be able to enjoy this for at least a couple of weeks :D.


Monday, 5 March 2012

Great workshop: dyeing with Indigo

Last Saturday I went to a workshop by one of the members of my spinning circle. She taught us how to dye with indigo and it was such a lovely afternoon with great results!

What I appreciated most was that all five women had a skill they were happy to share with others: dyeing, pinning, wine making, making samosas and, in my case, making herbal remedies. There was a beautiful wild garden with many herbs and dye plants and I got a cooking pan that can serve as a dye pot. I'm not sure if I can think of a better way to spend the afternoon :)
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