Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Preparing a lunch and making cough syrups together

Come and connect to the abundance of the Winter season!
Craig Gibsone and Eveline Rodenburg invite you to a hands-on workshop around the theme of Winter that will renew your connection to seasonal preparations, to the land and to traditional herbal practices.

Again we will start by walking around Craig’s permaculture garden, harvesting for the lunch we will prepare and enjoy together. After that we talk about coughing and make different cough syrups. You’ll get the recipes so you can easily prepare them yourself at home!

Craig is an intuitive natural gardener and eco builder applying it in a happy intuitive way while constantly observing the interconnected nature of all things
Eveline is a naturopath and herbalist passionate about keeping the traditional knowledge of herbal medicine alive
Venue: Craig’s inspiring barrelhouse, kitchen and garden
Date and time: January 26th, 11-4pm.
Cost: £ 25 per workshop, but don’t let the money hold you back; just come and attune.
For further information and to book your place:, call Eveline on 07553 695 620 or drop a note in the GO. Or simply talk to us!

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